XPF newsroom


Look no further! Documents related to the Ex Postal Facto conference can be found here.

Additional items such as exhibition fliers, news stories, and PR articles will be added as they occur.

Who’s Writing About Ex Postal Facto?:

Saturday A.M. Vintage

The Letter Writers Alliance

Heebee Jeebee Land

Letters & Journals

The Well Appointed Desk

Ex Postal Facto documents/press releases :

(02.13.14 – 02.16.14): XPF conference press release

(02.13.14): Chronicle Books“A New Look at Stamp Design” with Niko Courtelis (press release)

(02.14.14): Arch Drafting Supplies – Ex Postal Facto “mail art mixer” (press release)

(02.14.14): San Francisco Center for the Book – opening reception: “mail/art/book” (press release not available at this time)

                   San Francisco Center for the Book – digital postcard for “mail/art/book” 

(02.15.14): San Francisco Elks Lodge #3 vendor expo: shop, share, and swap! (press release not available at this time)

(02.16.14): San Francisco Public Library correspondence art and artistamp lecture series (press release)

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