Ex Postal Facto 2014: what a weekend!

now THAT'S an opening reception!

now THAT’S an opening reception!

A great big, gigantic THANK YOU to everyone who traveled from near and far to attend the Ex Postal Facto weekend — words can’t describe how incredible this event was. Three days filled with stories, laughter, and creativity underscored the fact that the mail art community is filled with some of the kindest, most generous people on the planet.

From the bottom of my heart, I’d like to thank the XPF team who helped make it all happen: Maureen Forys, Kate Kaminski, Sally Wurlitzer, Jennifer Utter, and Angelique Evans — through the talents of these five fantastic “postal partners in crime”, Ex Postal Facto came together into one unforgettable weekend.

Over the next few days, I’ll be posting video and photos, snapped over the course of the weekend. I’d also like to invite anyone who has Ex Postal Facto related stories, artworks, photos, etc. to send them my way; plans are already in motion for an Ex Posto Facto yearbook! More details to follow, ASAP.

Thanks for the amazing weekend.

Now I can reply to all of that correspondence that’s been piling up!



here’s the table map for Saturday’s vendor (ex)po! …

hotel ken_01

Located at 450 Post Street, the SF Elks Lodge will play host to the Ex Postal Facto vendor expo on Saturday, February 15th. Vendors for the day include everyone from Anna Banana to V. Vale of RE/Search Publications. If you haven’t seen the line up, take look over here.


Here’s a handy table map, so that you can plan your shopping strategy! In addition to the Ex Postal vendors, there will be areas set up for sharing/swapping, passport WILL CALL/stamping, and plenty of room to sit back and relax!

sf elks

Built in 1923, the SF Elks Lodge is the oldest continuously operating lodge in the US. The Ex Postal team sends a heartfelt thank you to current Exalted Ruler Nasir Shakour and his wife Tina, who have both been instrumental in the planning of the vendor expo. Due to their support and encouragement via the SF Elks, the XPF team was able to find THE perfect venue space in downtown San Francisco!


Guess what else takes place on the VERY SAME DAY?  The 2014 Chinese new year’s parade! Starting at 5pm, the parade route runs one block from the SF Elks. Why not visit the vendor expo, and stay for the parade? If you will be driving into SF, it is suggested that you reserve a parking spot in a nearby garage via Parking Panda.

Ready or not, here comes Ex Postal Facto!


2014 has arrived — Ex Postal Facto can’t be far behind!

new year's greetings from Leslie C./Creative Thing...

new year’s greetings from Leslie C/Creative Thing…

Happy New Year to all mail artists, artistamp makers, visual poets, collagists — in short: this always expanding Network that we happily work within and with. As 2013 turned into the “fresh start” of 2014, I couldn’t help but be excited by all of the possibility and promise offered: new correspondents to meet, new projects to embark upon, new address books to fill.

Leslie C/Creative Thing's XPF artistamps, close up

Leslie C/Creative Thing’s XPF artistamps, close up

Part of this excitement stems from my anticipation of mail artists and postal enthusiasts arriving in SF for next month’s Ex Postal Facto event. Every day my email inbox seems to hold another piece of I-can’t-hardly-believe-it news: another luminary, attending XPF; an idea for an additional event; someone working on a wonderful design or artwork for the weekend (ed: see Leslie Caldera’s artistamps for the event, above).

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing all of this exciting news with XPF readers. Places to stay, special announcements about “in-the-works” outings, names of other attendees, write ups in the press — these are all topics that will be addressed over the next few weeks. Be sure to stay tuned! And it goes without saying: I can hardly wait for 2014 to GET STARTED!


if a photo’s worth a thousand words…


(ed: take a look in the upper right hand corner of this page…notice the newly added “artists: “mail/art/book” tab? If you click through, you can view an alphabetical listing of all participating artists.)

I’m happy to report that things are moving along quite smoothly for Ex Postal Facto! Today, I bring you news about the “mail/art/book” exhibition — if you contributed artwork for the show, you might want to read further!


This weekend, photography will begin for the exhibition catalog. See that photo above? That’s what 300 pieces of mail art looks like, when it’s been categorized, archived, and prepped for photos. I feel extremely lucky to be working with Von Span (photographer) and the Happenstance Type-o-Rama design crew (hey Kate! hey Maureen!) once again; if you liked the look of Good Mail Day, you’re gonna love this new catalog.


I’m not gonna lie: it’s been a pretty epic task organizing and sorting all of your incoming work. I mean — three hundred pieces?!?! But each and every artwork is a fantastic world unto itself — taking the time to enjoy each one has been a delight.


As with every mail art show I’ve curated, there are a couple of orphans — pieces where the sender forgot to include their name, return address, or any sort of contact info. See those four pieces above? If one of them belongs to you, please get in touch ASAP! For one reason or another, I was unable to determine who sent these pieces in. redletterdayzine@gmail.com

Stay tuned for more updates!


some lovely Ex Postal write ups…

a little love for the City...

a little love for the City…

Now that the deadline for “mail/art/book” has wrapped up, it’s time to move on to other exciting aspects of the Ex Postal weekend. I took a little bit of internet “vacation time” and found that the following bloggers, artists, and Networkers have posted about Ex Postal Facto! Very exciting, and I’d like to thank each one of them for their kind words…)

Tic Tac (words of encouragement and visuals from this incredible artist!)

Margaret of  Paper Pastries (a great show-and-tell of her project for the “mail/art/book” exhibit)

Jackie of Letters & Journals (thanks to Jackie for helping get the word out about the event!)

Heebee Jeebee Land (I always love and appreciate Test’s well written posts…)

Planet Susannia (wonderful photos of Susannia’s entry for “mail/art/book”…)

Karen of I Am Rushmore (talking about her excitement re: visiting SF)

Emma of Letter Loves (writing a bit about her project for “mail/art/book”)

just a handful of the many...

just a handful of the many…

Do you have a blog? A “real-time” magazine or zine? Would you like to know more about the Ex Postal event, and share the story with your readers? Let us help! Send an email inquiry to Jennie at: redletterdayzine@gmail.com; I’m happy to answer questions, conduct interviews, and share photos!

Keepin’ it postal —


just a few days left!

mail bag

…to send in your entries for the “mail/art/book” exhibit, taking place at the SF Center for the Book. Artwork needs to be in the mail by October 15th; we are fast approaching 100 wonderful pieces of mail art, from all over the globe! The video below shows Nina’s (from The Netherlands) mail art “in action” :

Exhibit details are at the bottom of this entry; if you haven’t sent anything in, now’s the time!

The SF Center for the Book will publish a catalog that will be available for sale both at the opening reception and online. (details about the catalog will be posted here at the Ex Postal Facto blog). Additionally,  Jennie Hinchcliff/Red Letter Day will send out limited edition documentation created specifically for participating artists.


Questions? Ask away! –> redletterdayzine@gmail.com

See you in the mail!



THEME: “mail/art/book”

Artists are invited to submit work exploring the intersection between mail art and artists’ books, in whatever way, shape, or form that may take. Mail art, artistamps, artists’ books, and other artworks that can be mailed and relate to the theme of mail/art/books are encouraged.

POSTMARK DEADLINE: October 15th, 2013

FORMAT: work must be sent directly through the postal service. Please apply postage directly to your work.

TECHNIQUE: All techniques and mediums accepted including mixed media, collage, montage, sculpture, painting, printmaking, photography, etc.


Documentation in the form of an address list and art zine will be sent to participating artists. Please include your mailing address. The San Francisco Center for the Book will produce a print catalog of the exhibit, which will be available for sale at the opening reception and throughout the show (February 14-April 30, 2014)


Jennie Hinchcliff

Attn: mail/art/book

PO Box 170271

San Francisco, CA. 94117

(Artwork submitted for the exhibition becomes part of the Red Letter Day archive)

This show is curated by Jennie Hinchcliff and John Held Jr. and hosted by the San Francisco Center for the Book. The opening reception for “mail/art/book” on February 14, 2014 kicks off the Ex Postal Facto Conference, which runs February 14 – 16, 2014. For more information about Ex Postal Facto, visit: http://www.expostalfacto.wordpress.com.

By submitting artwork for this exhibit, you agree that both the San Francisco Center for the Book and Jennie Hinchcliff/Red Letter Day can photograph and use images of your work for future publication and press materials. Additionally, the artist also agrees that they will not receive any direct financial compensation from either the San Francisco Center for the Book or Jennie Hinchcliff/Red Letter Day.

Questions? Contact Jennie at redletterdayzine@gmail.com



incoming artwork for “mail/art/book” at SF Center for the Book…

a first look at...

a first look at…

Postcards, artistamp sheets, artists’ books and zines are starting to roll in for the “mail/art/book” exhibit…

...some of the incoming artwork!

…some of the incoming artwork!

So far, artwork has been received from the following artists:

Stan Askew, Vittore Baroni, John M. Bennett, buz blurr, Torma Cauli, Leslie Chow, Niko Courtelis, Michel Della Vendova, Pamela Gerard, Elke Grundmann, John Jennings, Bethany Lee, Kathleen McHugh, Kazunori Murakami, Cheryl Penn, Mrs. Sawbones, Jaromir Svozilik, Ed Varney, Simon Warren, and Laura Zander.

Thanks to everyone who’s sent something in so far — an acknowledgement and thank you is coming to your mailbox very soon! If you’d like to submit work for the show, the CFE can be found here.