Ex Postal passports are hot off the assembly line!

passport sewing party

Ex Postal Facto passports are HERE! A legion of volunteers spent the better part of Saturday folding, stitching, sewing, and corner-rounding (see above & more on that later) to complete 250 of these cuties. With silkscreened covers by The Lords of Print (thanks Rick!), hand stamped details, and plenty of pages to fill with artwork and ephemera, this is a FANTASTIC way to commemorate your Ex Postal Facto adventure!


The full run down is available at the “WILL CALL passport” shopping page, but here are a couple of super-important, not-to-be-missed details:

WILL CALL passports can only be picked up in person at one of the following events: SFCB opening reception, the vendor expo at the SF Elks Lodge, or the lectures held at the SF Public Library.

WILL CALL passports will not be mailed out. If you are unable to attend Ex Postal Facto, but are interested in purchasing a passport, there will be a small portion of passports held aside for this purpose. Further info will be posted on the Ex Postal Facto website, in regards to this type of purchase.

WILL CALL passports must be purchased by 5pm on Wednesday, February 12th. Online passport sales are limited to 100 passports. There will be a small amount of “off the street” passports (i.e. people who attend XPF events, but do not purchase a passport in advance) available at the above listed events, however the Ex Postal Facto team cannot guarantee availability of passports.

XPF_passport_inside front cover

The Ex Postal Facto team is excited to see what these passports will be filled with — artistamps, visas, rubber stampings, artwork of all types and kind! Don’t delay, order yours today:

Passports for Ex Postal Facto 2014 can be purchased here.

if a photo’s worth a thousand words…


(ed: take a look in the upper right hand corner of this page…notice the newly added “artists: “mail/art/book” tab? If you click through, you can view an alphabetical listing of all participating artists.)

I’m happy to report that things are moving along quite smoothly for Ex Postal Facto! Today, I bring you news about the “mail/art/book” exhibition — if you contributed artwork for the show, you might want to read further!


This weekend, photography will begin for the exhibition catalog. See that photo above? That’s what 300 pieces of mail art looks like, when it’s been categorized, archived, and prepped for photos. I feel extremely lucky to be working with Von Span (photographer) and the Happenstance Type-o-Rama design crew (hey Kate! hey Maureen!) once again; if you liked the look of Good Mail Day, you’re gonna love this new catalog.


I’m not gonna lie: it’s been a pretty epic task organizing and sorting all of your incoming work. I mean — three hundred pieces?!?! But each and every artwork is a fantastic world unto itself — taking the time to enjoy each one has been a delight.


As with every mail art show I’ve curated, there are a couple of orphans — pieces where the sender forgot to include their name, return address, or any sort of contact info. See those four pieces above? If one of them belongs to you, please get in touch ASAP! For one reason or another, I was unable to determine who sent these pieces in. redletterdayzine@gmail.com

Stay tuned for more updates!