2014 has arrived — Ex Postal Facto can’t be far behind!

new year's greetings from Leslie C./Creative Thing...

new year’s greetings from Leslie C/Creative Thing…

Happy New Year to all mail artists, artistamp makers, visual poets, collagists — in short: this always expanding Network that we happily work within and with. As 2013 turned into the “fresh start” of 2014, I couldn’t help but be excited by all of the possibility and promise offered: new correspondents to meet, new projects to embark upon, new address books to fill.

Leslie C/Creative Thing's XPF artistamps, close up

Leslie C/Creative Thing’s XPF artistamps, close up

Part of this excitement stems from my anticipation of mail artists and postal enthusiasts arriving in SF for next month’s Ex Postal Facto event. Every day my email inbox seems to hold another piece of I-can’t-hardly-believe-it news: another luminary, attending XPF; an idea for an additional event; someone working on a wonderful design or artwork for the weekend (ed: see Leslie Caldera’s artistamps for the event, above).

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing all of this exciting news with XPF readers. Places to stay, special announcements about “in-the-works” outings, names of other attendees, write ups in the press — these are all topics that will be addressed over the next few weeks. Be sure to stay tuned! And it goes without saying: I can hardly wait for 2014 to GET STARTED!


welcome to the Ex Postal Facto event, coming to you in February 2014!

mail stack_01

Things are getting underway for next year’s Ex Postal Facto event! The XPF crew is hoping you’ll be able to join us here in San Francisco for a weekend of mail art, socializing and Networker congressing. We’ll be keeping attendees and supporters “in the loop” via the XPF blog, so be sure to stay tuned. You’ll see it here first, we promise!

For now, I invite readers to take a look at the “about XPF”, “XPF vendors” and “venues” pages. Take a moment to download our printable Ex Postal Facto “Save the Date” card and help us get the word out! Will you be participating in this historic event? Drop us a line and let us know — our Ex Postal goal is to not only celebrate postal modernism but also the talented artists and Networkers who make it happen!