here’s the table map for Saturday’s vendor (ex)po! …

hotel ken_01

Located at 450 Post Street, the SF Elks Lodge will play host to the Ex Postal Facto vendor expo on Saturday, February 15th. Vendors for the day include everyone from Anna Banana to V. Vale of RE/Search Publications. If you haven’t seen the line up, take look over here.


Here’s a handy table map, so that you can plan your shopping strategy! In addition to the Ex Postal vendors, there will be areas set up for sharing/swapping, passport WILL CALL/stamping, and plenty of room to sit back and relax!

sf elks

Built in 1923, the SF Elks Lodge is the oldest continuously operating lodge in the US. The Ex Postal team sends a heartfelt thank you to current Exalted Ruler Nasir Shakour and his wife Tina, who have both been instrumental in the planning of the vendor expo. Due to their support and encouragement via the SF Elks, the XPF team was able to find THE perfect venue space in downtown San Francisco!


Guess what else takes place on the VERY SAME DAY?  The 2014 Chinese new year’s parade! Starting at 5pm, the parade route runs one block from the SF Elks. Why not visit the vendor expo, and stay for the parade? If you will be driving into SF, it is suggested that you reserve a parking spot in a nearby garage via Parking Panda.

Ready or not, here comes Ex Postal Facto!