2014 has arrived — Ex Postal Facto can’t be far behind!

new year's greetings from Leslie C./Creative Thing...

new year’s greetings from Leslie C/Creative Thing…

Happy New Year to all mail artists, artistamp makers, visual poets, collagists — in short: this always expanding Network that we happily work within and with. As 2013 turned into the “fresh start” of 2014, I couldn’t help but be excited by all of the possibility and promise offered: new correspondents to meet, new projects to embark upon, new address books to fill.

Leslie C/Creative Thing's XPF artistamps, close up

Leslie C/Creative Thing’s XPF artistamps, close up

Part of this excitement stems from my anticipation of mail artists and postal enthusiasts arriving in SF for next month’s Ex Postal Facto event. Every day my email inbox seems to hold another piece of I-can’t-hardly-believe-it news: another luminary, attending XPF; an idea for an additional event; someone working on a wonderful design or artwork for the weekend (ed: see Leslie Caldera’s artistamps for the event, above).

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing all of this exciting news with XPF readers. Places to stay, special announcements about “in-the-works” outings, names of other attendees, write ups in the press — these are all topics that will be addressed over the next few weeks. Be sure to stay tuned! And it goes without saying: I can hardly wait for 2014 to GET STARTED!



if a photo’s worth a thousand words…


(ed: take a look in the upper right hand corner of this page…notice the newly added “artists: “mail/art/book” tab? If you click through, you can view an alphabetical listing of all participating artists.)

I’m happy to report that things are moving along quite smoothly for Ex Postal Facto! Today, I bring you news about the “mail/art/book” exhibition — if you contributed artwork for the show, you might want to read further!


This weekend, photography will begin for the exhibition catalog. See that photo above? That’s what 300 pieces of mail art looks like, when it’s been categorized, archived, and prepped for photos. I feel extremely lucky to be working with Von Span (photographer) and the Happenstance Type-o-Rama design crew (hey Kate! hey Maureen!) once again; if you liked the look of Good Mail Day, you’re gonna love this new catalog.


I’m not gonna lie: it’s been a pretty epic task organizing and sorting all of your incoming work. I mean — three hundred pieces?!?! But each and every artwork is a fantastic world unto itself — taking the time to enjoy each one has been a delight.


As with every mail art show I’ve curated, there are a couple of orphans — pieces where the sender forgot to include their name, return address, or any sort of contact info. See those four pieces above? If one of them belongs to you, please get in touch ASAP!¬†For one reason or another, I was unable to determine who sent these pieces in. redletterdayzine@gmail.com

Stay tuned for more updates!


who’s excited for Ex Postal Facto?…

via test tower, over in heebee jeebee land...

via test tower, over in heebee jeebee land…

Test Tower in Centralia, WA. is !!!

Test has a really nice write up for the Ex Postal weekend and I’ll confess: I’m glad our paths will be crossing once again. We met at last year’s AARPEX event and had great fun, even though our story-swapping time was all-too-brief.

the front of Test Tower's postcard...

the front of Test Tower’s postcard…

Test’s surreal 1950’s influenced postcards always make my mailbox sing; the folks at my branch PO usually have a comment (or two) about the out-of-sight colors and imagery. What’s not to love, really?




mail received!

incoming, cascadia artpost (front)

incoming, cascadia artpost (front)

Just received this week at the PO box: Cascadia’s Artpost’s re-make of the Ex Postal “save the date” card! My favorite part? Those foxy moticos on the front…

incoming, cascadia artpost (back)

incoming, cascadia artpost (back)

Thanks to Cascadia for helping get the word out about the Ex Postal weekend.

We also got a mention in the Bulletin Board section of the most recent (Fall/Halloween) issue of Rubber Stamp Madness — yippee!

save the date everybody!

save the date everybody!

I’ll be posting more photos of “confirmation” mail — artists who have confirmed that they will be in attendance for the Ex Postal weekend. If you’re already planning on coming to SF, drop a line and let us know!