some lovely Ex Postal write ups…

a little love for the City...

a little love for the City…

Now that the deadline for “mail/art/book” has wrapped up, it’s time to move on to other exciting aspects of the Ex Postal weekend. I took a little bit of internet “vacation time” and found that the following bloggers, artists, and Networkers have posted about Ex Postal Facto! Very exciting, and I’d like to thank each one of them for their kind words…)

Tic Tac (words of encouragement and visuals from this incredible artist!)

Margaret of  Paper Pastries (a great show-and-tell of her project for the “mail/art/book” exhibit)

Jackie of Letters & Journals (thanks to Jackie for helping get the word out about the event!)

Heebee Jeebee Land (I always love and appreciate Test’s well written posts…)

Planet Susannia (wonderful photos of Susannia’s entry for “mail/art/book”…)

Karen of I Am Rushmore (talking about her excitement re: visiting SF)

Emma of Letter Loves (writing a bit about her project for “mail/art/book”)

just a handful of the many...

just a handful of the many…

Do you have a blog? A “real-time” magazine or zine? Would you like to know more about the Ex Postal event, and share the story with your readers? Let us help! Send an email inquiry to Jennie at:; I’m happy to answer questions, conduct interviews, and share photos!

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    • Hi there Adrienne —

      Thanks for getting in touch. To answer your question: all events are free and open to the public, with no reservations or tickets required. It would be great if you could make it over to this side of the country and join us for some Ex postal hijinks!

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