best. present. ever.

fluX postal facto!

fluX postal facto!

Mail artist extraordinaire Sally Wurlitzer gifted me with this gem over the weekend; you better BELIEVE that all of my outgoing, Ex Postal related correspondence will be stamped with this puppy!

An event like Ex Postal Facto is only as good as the people working to make it happen — organizers and attendees alike. Planning an event such as this takes a dedicated and talented group of planners — something I am oh-so-lucky to have on my side. Networkers Sally Wurlitzer, Maureen F., JU13, Kate K., and Angelique E. are generously giving their time and talents to the Ex Postal Facto cause, and I cannot thank them enough. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be highlighting each of them (and their mail artworks) in order for Ex Postal followers to get an idea of just who we are and why we are doing this.